What Is The Logic In Making Sex Toys Illegal Or Banned From Being Sold?

  • We are the land of Kama sutra! It was on the Indian soil that the ancient renowned art of love making was perfected. The document which is the world over known as the thesis of passionate love making is what the Indian sages had to offer to generations that came and will till eternity. India is also the land of the Khajuraho!-The temple and the place of worship that dauntingly celebrates sculptures of men and women mating and making love. The Hindu philosophy, in fact, imbibes the fact that love making is actually a form of devotion to the gods and that is why it is prescribed in the holy texts that making love is one of the essences of life.

  • The purpose is not just procreation: While the underlying cause for the biological urge may be scientifically explained as a reason for procreation, the benefits of love making are not lost on us. Passionate love making can improve the health of the partners and help them live longer and healthier lives. A good round of sex is believed to reduce stress levels by the production of endorphins that are released during erection and orgasm. These are the same endorphins that are released by the body when you do an hour f physical exercise at the gym or a forty-five-minute swim in the pool. They relieve you of anxiety and make you a calmer person.

  • The perils of celibacy: There is enough documentation with the experts that celibacy is not the right thing to do. in case there is a medical limitation or a psychological condition which prevents a man from having a sexual relationship with women, celibacy should not be encouraged. Sometimes, the sexual appetite of a man or a woman may die down if it is curtailed for too long a period of time and that can spell doom to the health of the person. Building up of too much of stress inside him can lead to other complications such as heart and stomach diseases.

And that is our case for allowing the adult toys to be sold legally:

The fact that adult toys of pleasure are sought illegally and sold over online stores and delivered discreetly to the customers speak of the hypocrisy of the society that we are living in. while there are excessive reported crimes of gruesome rapes and murders from every nook and corner of the country, very little is done on a policy basis in order to change the situation. Why does the government sleep over the issue and then wake up when the crime is already committed? Why does it sweep the controversial topic of allowing sex toys legal India under the rug each time there is some mishap that takes place compromising the modesty of a young girl or a woman? These questions are worth pondering about. One may not find answers immediately. But perseverance and trying to question the social mores of the society will one day bring the desired change

The heart always craves for the forbidden:

From the time of Eve who bit into the forbidden apple to every individual in today's world who bites the dust, the heart will crave only that which is specifically banned and prohibited. This is attributed to the nature of the human beings who are extremely curious to know what lies beyond Adult Products India . So, the concept that you prohibit the sex toys, men and women will keep away from them because of some stunted logic is itself flawed. The more the thing is out of reach of the person, the more he is going to go after it!

Rome was not built in a day

Change in people’s thinking will not come overnight. It will take at least a couple of years before the idea gets mooted in the minds of the people that sex toys for consenting adults must be made legally available regardless of any social dogmas associated with it. The hypocrisy must go and a new change must come. Till then, I guess online stores will have a brisk business!